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With a background in environmental biology and as a Registered Nurse, I see a need for more organic solutions to our medical issues and to our beauty products which are harmful to skin and the animals they are tested on.

About Us 

We at OrganicallyPretty care about you, your family and friends, and the environment. We carry as many organic, natural, non-GMO, eco-friendly, paraben free, phthalate free products as we can. And although some of those products are not all of the above they are still a better choice for you and your environment. I began my research into organics when I was told by an Allergist that most of my asthma symptoms could be controlled if I just eliminated all chemicals from my home. Surprisingly, my dry skin became supple, my breathing issues are at a minimum and mostly weather and pollen related now, and my mental abilities have proven to be more clear and immediate. I do not suffer from depression any longer as well. Overall, to become chemical free was the best decision I have ever made for myself and my family. My daughters do well in school and are happy and healthy..And Josie who suffered from asthmatic symptoms as well as low self esteem and the same skin issues that I suffered from is also clear and one year ahead of others her age in school. Our hope is that after a few months of switching out some products in your home you will see a happier, healthier family with brighter eyes, shinier hair, and general good health. And that you too will share your good fortune with your family and friends. We are striving for a healthy you and environment for the future of our world and for our children’s future.   

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