Mission Statement

 To provide any and all of the following environmentally safe and sustainable, organic, chemical free, cruelty free, natural, non-genetically modified health and beauty products to clients who are concerned about the environment and the products used in and on their bodies; in order to achieve natural living without risking their health and our environment. Our world is filled with emissions from vehicles and industry, chemicals to enhance products and remove crude oil from the ground is poisoning our soil and water supply. Recent discoveries of commonly used products such as talc and aluminum has raised questions on what we are doing to our own bodies while using products we assume are safe. Aluminum is common in underarm deodorants and has been on the teeter totter of safe and unsafe for use. Although they are not sure if it causes cancer, it does interfere with approximately 200 neurological functions. Oftentimes, the risk of using products are unknown for many years; but their are side effects to all things we use within and outside our bodies. Our vision is to reduce the amount of these potentially harmful agents and provide a safe alternative without risking your health and our environment. 

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